Apply Data Science To SEO

Test better titles and meta descriptions to boost your click-through rate

By blending data science, machine learning and statistics our platform not only provides you with A/B testing but also with a list of ML-predicted under-performing pages that you can choose to optimise.

Enhance your organic search rankings by finding opportunistic keywords

We’ll identify important words your pages could rank for, but don’t because they’re not currently within the <title tag> or article text.

How It Works

Simply connect your Google Search Console account, add a javascript snippet, then we’ll scan your existing GSC data for opportunities. 

With machine learning, we’ll identify your under-optimised pages both in terms of CTR % and organic position. 

Easily run A/B tests and grow your organic search traffic by optimising existing URLs.

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Why Run Experiments With Your SEO Data?

  • Predicting Google’s numerous ranking factors is a fine art. That’s why we think it’s important to take a scientific approach to SEO .
  • Experiments are a great way to determine whether or not we’re statistically increasing our Google Search rankings.
  • By measuring traffic and data directly from Google and attributing any specific changes to the page we can help you to eliminate the guesswork.
Your SEO Experiment Dashboard

Your SEO Experiment Dashboard

All of your results and recommendations will be available in the form of a live, interactive dashboard.

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