The Definitive Guide To A/B Testing

When you put up something on your website, how will you know if it works or not? No need for guess work, because this is where A/B Testing comes in. The A/B Test, sometimes known as split testing, is an experiment where you show two variants of the same product to different customers at the

The serial position effect is a psychology marketing technique that refers to the tendency for consumers to remember the start and end of your information more so than the middle items.
The Serial Position Effect

You’ve invested a significant amount of time refining your message, creating a product or presentation, but did you know your audience is often swayed by the order in which you present your information? Find out how you can use this neuro-marketing technique called the ‘Serial Position Effect‘. What Is The Serial Position Effect? Ever noticed

is organic click through rate a ranking factor
Is Organic Click through Rate A Ranking Factor?

Google’s uses over 200 factors for effectively ranking web pages within search engine results pages (SERPs). As machine learning is being progressively added into Google’s algorithm (RankBrain), organic search is becoming increasingly a ‘black-box’ model, leading us to investigate is organic click-through rate (CTR) a potential ranking factor or not? Does having a higher CTR

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